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Nick Cave: Made For Whites By Whites at Jack Shainman Gallery

Tom Fruin: Color Study at Mike Weiss Gallery
Looking forward to Chris Ofili's first US retrospective at the New Museum, opening this October!
Jack Shainman Gallery, NYC
Opens today at Jack Shainman Gallery, NYC
Maria Lassnig at MoMA PS1 closes this week. Don’t miss your chance to experience Lassnig’s “body awareness.”
Look for my review here shortly after it closes Sept 7, 2014.
Submissions open today! So all you closet creatives out there now is your chance to share your fabulous ideas, words, and images. DO IT!
Somebody: Miranda July’s new messaging app
"An artist-designed app that riffs on social media, performance art, and the relationship between humans and machines […] a tool that’s rooted in the natural communication styles of today but with an infusion of the once-quotidian humanity that’s been shaped by “iPhone hand” syndrome. It’s a wake-up call that technology doesn’t have to equal reclusivity" -Cait Munro, artnetnews 
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“A heroine in a fairy tale who went through trials and hectic adventures to find happiness, until she befriended a tortoise who helped her destroy her nemesis, a wicked king. I had never seen a tortoise and didn’t know anyone who had one. I wondered if I had to confront an evil king—who would help me?”

—   Adrienne Kennedy, The People Who Led To My Plays

Bethany Collins, She’s Trying to Fuck Her Way Into Blackness, 2014, color pencil, acrylic and wood panel

"[Bethany Collins] sifts through the dictionary-archive, selecting those words—those topics—that make us more squeamish, more desirous of fixity, and barring that, of escape. […] By this repetitive and palimpsest-like process, she creates drawing out of writing, abstraction out of representation, possibility out of narrowness." -Rujeko Hockley

On view in Material Histories at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

“A here exists only in relation to a there, not the other way around. There’s only this because there’s that; if we don’t look up, we’ll never know what’s down. Think of it boy. We find ourselves only by looking to what we’re not.”

—   Paul Auster, Moon Palace